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Wealth Management in Austria

Wealth Management in Austria

Wealth management in Austria includes a set of services focusing on asset management, private investment funds, tax planning, accounting counseling and investment portfolio management, all for the benefit of the client and tailored to his needs.

Our team of lawyers in Austria provides a wide range of client services, suited to the particular needs of the Austrian or foreign investor.

Asset management in Austria

Austria has a long-standing tradition as a financial center and investors will find here a large range of wealth management options provided by various Austrian companies. Experienced asset managers work with attentiveness towards the financial and investment goals of the client in order to develop the most suitable asset management plan and complementary investment advice.

Investors and high-net-worth-individuals can choose between discretionary asset management or advisory asset management. The personal goals and wishes for private wealth management will be closely taken into consideration by our experts in Austria. They are able to devise an optimal strategy not only for asset protection but also for risk reduction. The ultimate decision lies in the investor’s or the individual’s hands and he will be the one who will decide, based on the counseling offered by our experts, how to proceed according to a current scenario.

Our attorneys in Austria can answer any questions about the different wealth management vehicles and strategies as well as the tax minimization options may use in Austria.

Personalized wealth management services in Austria

The experts at our law firm in Austria provide wealth management services tailored to the needs of the clients. Our offer includes:

  • asset management;
  • investment strategies;
  • opportunity/risk ration optimization;
  • proposals for investment portfolios;
  • investment risk management;
  • corporate risk management;
  • corporate due diligence;
  • legal counseling for Banking Law matters;
  • legal counseling for Tax Law matters;
  • tax minimization strategies;
  • tax planning.

We offer specialized help to those interested in a residence permit in Austria. There are a number of formalities that must be respected, and among them are those related to documents. Thus, you will need a birth certificate, a valid passport, and health insurance, among others. A temporary residence permit is valid for a maximum of 3 years, after which you can obtain the permanent one after 5 years.

One of our lawyers will discuss your needs with you in detail and together with our team of experts, we will find the optimal solution for your wealth management needs. Contact our law firm in Austria for additional details about the services we provide to corporations and individuals.