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Immigrate to Austria

Immigrate to Austria

Austria is one of the best destinations to emigrate to. Officially called the Republic of Austria, it is a country located in the center of Europe, it is a member of the European Union, its capital is Vienna with a population of 2.4 million inhabitants, making it the second most populated city in Central Europe and the tenth most populated one in the European Union. If you are interested in Austrian immigration, you can collaborate with our lawyers in Austria in terms of formalities.

 Quick Facts  
Entry visa requirement (from EU)  (YES/NO)


Entry visa requirement (outside EU) (YES/NO)



Types of visas available

– work,

– residence,

– tourist visas

Time frame for obtaining work visa (approx.) 

About 8 weeks

Validity of temporary residence permit

1 year

Temporary residence permit renewal requirements

Via the email, within three months before expiration

Documents for obtaining a residence permit

– standard application form,

– valid passport,

– proof of accommodation,

– proof of required minimum funds,

– health insurance

Time frame for obtaining permanent residence (approx.)

Between 3 and 14 months

Investor Visa availability (YES/NO) Yes
Start-up Visa Scheme availability (YES/NO) Yes
Sponsorship requirement (YES/NO) Yes
Time frame for obtaining citizenship After 10 years of living in Austria
Citizenship/Residency by investment scheme availability (YES/NO) Yes
Taxation of foreign citizens

Tax ranges between 22% to 55%, depending on the source and type of income

Tax benefits for expats

No taxation for incomes below EUR 11,000

Types of visas for non-EU citizens  C Visa, D Visa, Student Visa, Researcher Visa, etc. 

 Types of work permits in Austria


 – restricted and unrestricted work permits,

– traditional work permit

 Conditions for start-up founders in Austria

– opening a company in Austria with innovative products and/or services,

– submitting a business plan for the future activities,

– providing a minimum share capital of EUR 30,000,

– proving work experience and qualification 

Accommodation requirements for immigration to Austria  Proof of domicile in Austria, such as a valid rental contract 
Financial means for relocation to Austria as a key worker 

At least EUR 2,925 as minimum salary paid by the Austrian employer per month 

 Conditions for family reunification in Austria

 Citizens intending to live more than just 6 months in Austria must fill an application and meet the general conditions for a residence permit in Austria.

Health insurance is solicited, plus an income over EUR 1,110 for a single applicant and over EUR 1,751 for married couples. 

 Who can obtain EU Blue card in Austria?

Non-EU citizens with complete college/university studies, professional experience, having employment that corresponds with their qualifications. 

 Eligibility criteria for key workers relocating to Austria

–  German and English language skills,

– work experience in the same position,

– proof of formal training

 Fixed-term employment in Austria

 For foreigners such as seasonal workers, intra-corporate transfers, project staff, etc.

 Retirement visa in Austria (YES/NO) NO 
 Dual citizenship permitted in Austria (YES/NO)


Au pair visa for Austria 

Dedicated to foreigners interested in living with Austrian families and taking care of children, plus other household tasks. 

 Popular cities for foreign residents in Austria

– Vienna,

– Salzburg,

– Innsbruck,

– Linz,

– Graz 

 Reasons to immigrate to Austria

– great healthcare system,

– quality of life,

– wide range of business and job opportunities,

– education,

– safety 

 Why choose our law firm in Austria? Complete legal services at affordable prices for those interested in immigration to Austria. 

If you are going to immigrate to Austria and belong to the European Union, there are a few things you need to know first. If you want to live more than three months in this country, you will need to prove that you are self-employed or dependent in Austria, that you have sufficient means to support yourself so as not to become a burden on the Austrian welfare system, and you will also need health insurance that covers the minimums required by the government.

If you are not from an EU country and you still want to immigrate to Austria, most of the requirements we have just seen will also apply to you, but you will also need to carry out a series of procedures in your country of origin that make the whole process more complicated. So it is advisable to hire immigration lawyers in Austria to assist you, as they can help you move to Austria.

Another reason why it is advisable to have a team of Austrian lawyers is that a dialect of German is spoken in Austria. And within the country, there are very different dialects in each of its states. Knowing them is a prerequisite for obtaining a job in Austria and, if necessary, a residence permit. Here is a video that explains details about Austrian immigration

What is needed for Austria immigration

If you are a European Union member, you do not need any visa or work permit to immigrate to Austria; your passport or identity card is sufficient. But you’ll need to prove that you have sufficient means to live in the country.

On the other hand, if you are not a citizen of a European Union country, you will need a visa to pass the immigration process in Austria without any problem. The type of visa will depend on how long you plan to reside in the country.

If you are a citizen of a non-European Union country, you should know that there are three ways to complete your immigration to Vienna process:

  • Visa: this is only for short stays in the country.
  • Permit to stay: with this permit you will be able to work in Austria or study, but you will not be able to settle in this country definitively.
  • Residence permit: with this permit you will be able to settle down and live in Austria.

There are exceptions for U.S. citizens and highly qualified individuals; in case you are in this group you will be able to apply in Austria. To find out if any of the exceptions apply to you, it is recommended to consult with a law firm in Austria with experience in handling immigration cases similar to yours. Our experts can help you properly relocate to Austria and tell you more about the process of immigration to Austria. You can also discover the following infographic we have prepared:


Documentation required to migrate to Austria

Of course, each type of visa has specific requirements that may also vary from case to case, but there are some documents commonly requested by the authorities at the time of Austrian immigration:

  • 1 passport size photo.
  • A passport valid for a minimum of 6 months.
  • Confirmation of a hotel reservation or invitation to the country.
  • Documentation showing that you have sufficient funds for the duration of your stay.
  • Medical insurance for the duration of your stay.

These are just some of the basic documents that you can expect to be requested by the Austrian immigration authorities. If you want to know in more detail all the documents you will need in your specific case, you will need to have a team of lawyers in Austria who can review your particular situation. They can help you move to Austria.

How to obtain a work permit – Immigration to Vienna

Beyond the issue of education or the reason why you are immigrating to Austria, if you want to work, you have three options in terms of work permits. In any of the cases, which one you have to apply to will depend on your status and conditions in Austria, whether you are only temporary or indefinite, and factors of this nature.

These are the three types of work permits you can apply for when you immigrate to Austria:

  1. Restricted work permit: as the name suggests, this is a permit to work in Austria, but in only one company and one location.
  2. Work permit: after one year of work under the above conditions, you can apply for a traditional work permit that gives you the freedom to change companies, but as long as you stay in the same city.
  3. Unrestricted work permit: finally, if you manage to stay in Austria working legally with the previous permits, after five years, you will be able to apply for the unrestricted work permit.

Interested in more about how to relocate to Austria? Feel free to ask for the support of our immigration lawyers in Austria.

What is gainful employment in Austria?

Gainful employment is addressed to foreign citizens who come to Austria for internships in various companies. For this, they need a C or D visa that allows the legal entrance to this country. Even if the respective internship is not paid, from a professional point of view it is a major gain for those interested in Austrian immigration.

Normally, those interested in gainful employment come from fields such as research and science and can stay for about 6 months in Austria. It is good to emphasize that there are no fees for issuing this type of visa, but you can learn more about the formalities implicated from our immigration lawyers in Austria.

Registration with local authorities

Foreign citizens who relocate to Austria must ensure that they comply with the formalities required for entering this country. For example, it is mandatory to register with the local authorities and more precisely with those of the city where they will live. This process must take place within a maximum of 3 days from the date of arrival, to avoid possible penalties.

It is important to familiarize yourself with the immigration regulations to Austria, so as not to encounter problems or restrictions from the authorities.

If you are interested in immigration to Austria, we recommend that you contact the legal services offered by our law firm. Thus, you will understand what the formalities are and what you must do for a correct relocation. We will also help you apply on your behalf for a residence permit, where you will need health insurance, a valid passport, and proof that you have sufficient funds to sustain living in this country. Contact our team of lawyers for more details.

Au pair in Austria

Au pairs are people who accept host family jobs. Practically, they can live with a family from Austria, and as a job, they can take care of the children and other household activities, in exchange for a pre-determined salary. Because this type of job is often found and sought in equal measure, the Austrian authorities have implemented Special Cases of Paid Employment, a special category of residence permit. Among the formalities for obtaining this type of document, we mention:

  • The application and formalities take place in the country of origin of the interested citizen.
  • Only after a host family is found does the preparation of the documents for obtaining the residence permit mentioned above begin.
  • This residence permit is valid for one year, but there is the possibility of renewal.

If you are more interested in this topic, we invite you to discuss all legal aspects with one of our Austrian lawyers. Also, those interested in immigration to Austria can ask for specialized advice from our experts.

Formalities for a permanent residence in Austria

Foreigners interested in a permanent residence permit in Austria can apply for this status if they prove that they have lived in this country for at least 5 years without interruption. There are other conditions imposed for Austrian immigration and such residence permit:

  • You must have medical insurance as well as sufficient funds to live in this country.
  • Proof of permanent domicile in Austria must be provided.
  • A clear criminal record will also be presented, which will be checked and approved by the authorities.
  • Module 2 of the Integration Agreement is the type of test that shows that you have a B1 level in German.

Gaining citizenship in Austria

Austrian citizenship can be obtained by those who have lived in this country for at least 10 years. In addition to proof of knowledge of the German language, applicants must have a clear criminal record and sufficient financial funds to support living in this country.

Our immigration lawyers in Austria have experience in the field of immigration and can offer legal advice to those interested in immigration to Vienna. We also have experience in asylum and refugee cases, so those interested can benefit from specialized help.

What does Austria offer to people migrating there?

Austria is one of the countries that have been developing steadily in recent years, its quality of life has improved and has climbed positions in different rankings of economic issues and quality of life for its inhabitants. It is no surprise that there is so much interest in immigrating to Austria.

  • The quality of life and median income in this country is high. Austria has an estimated GDP per capita of $50,246.
  • It is among the top 25 countries in the world in the human development index.
  • Vienna is one of the best cities in the world to live in different rankings since 2010.
  • The Austrian passport (which you can obtain under certain conditions) is the fifth-best passport in the world.

If you want to know more details about what you need to know to emigrate to Austriacontact our team of Austrian lawyers and get all the help you need.