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Competition Law in Austria

Competition Law in Austria

The Competition Law in Austria contains a regulatory framework for preventing companies from abusing dominant market positions, disclosing trade secrets and, in general, any use of anti-competitive practices. 

Our team of lawyers in Austria can help business owners in the country comply with the ongoing regulations for preventing market abuse.

Law related to competition matters in Austria

The Federal Competition Authority is the main legal body in charge of investigating antitrust practices and the violations of the EU competition law. It was established in accordance with the Austrian Competition Act.

The main laws that cover the issues related to competition between companies operating in the same market include the Austrian Competition Act but also the Cartel Act, the Unfair Competition Act, and the EU legislation. One of our attorneys in Austria can give you complete details about the provisions of these laws and acts. 

We recommend those interested in a residence permit in Austria discuss all legal aspects with one of our local lawyers. They can take care of the required formalities, the preparation of the documents, and the communication with the relevant authorities in order to obtain this type of document. It is indicated and even suggested to benefit from specialist help in this endeavor to ensure that you will get the desired results.

Market power abuse in Austria

The Competition Law refers to a number of issues related to unfair practices, market abuse, and non-compliant company mergers. Some of the issues treated in this law include the following:

  • Cartels: according to law, cartels and agreements between companies concluded with the purpose of restricting or preventing competition altogether.
  • Practices preventing competition: these refer to price fixing, the distribution or share or markets between competing companies or quota agreements.
  • Market power abuse: holding a dominant market position is not prohibited in itself, however, when dominant companies use their position to enforce certain prices or restrict sales, the practice is considered unlawful.
  • Mergers: for company merger purpose, the law also regulates the manner in which the acquisition of undertakings can take place so that the newly merged companies will not obtain an unlawful dominant market position. 

Many issues treated in the Austrian Competition Act are in line with the EU Directives and Austrian legislators have properly amended the country’s internal laws to meet the requirements in the EU.

Our team of lawyers in Austria can help local and foreign companies understand the manner in which commercial activities and transactions are viewed from a competition point of view.

For more detailed information about laws in Austria, as well as adequate legal counseling for antitrust or company merger matters, please contact our law firm in Austria.