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Marriage in Austria

Marriage in Austria

Individuals who want to get married in Austria need to follow a few basic steps and provide the needed documents. Foreign couples may also perform a marriage registration ceremony in the country, although subject to slightly different requirements. Our team of attorneys in Austria is ready to assist you with information on marriage registration, name change and other issues related to family law.

Marriage registration in Austria

Civil ceremonies are the only legally binding ones in Austria. Couples who wish to do so can also plan a subsequent religious ceremony. Marriages in Austria are concluded with the local register office in the city in which the couple resides or in a chosen city like Vienna for non-residents. A reservation for registering the marriage is needed and this can be made as early as six months before the chosen wedding date. Couples should consider this aspect as in large cities the waiting period will have a longer average time.

The couple must submit the documents for marriage prior to the scheduled ceremony date. A certificate of marriageability will be drawn up after this meeting, during which the couple will also be asked to provide further details or clarifications regarding any prior marriages, children from other marriages, and other aspects, as needed. The partners are allowed to agree on which name they will use once they are wed.

Our team of lawyers in Austria who specialize in family law can help you with additional information about the registration of the marriage. For foreign couples, our attorneys can act as intermediaries with the local authorities.

Documents needed for marriage in Austria

Individuals must be of legal age for marriage and must consent to this in front of the local authorities. On the ceremony date, two witnesses will be present to witness the marriage. The general documents for marriage required of Austrian citizens are the following:

  • identification document;
  • birth certificate or acknowledgment of birth if the birth has not taken place in the country;
  • nationality proof;
  • previous marriage certificate and divorce certificate (if applicable).

Foreign citizens must present additional documents, such as passport, residence registration in Austria after arrival, and other translated documents, as needed.

The time frame for marriage administrative procedures

Getting married in Austria does not imply residence in this country for a certain period, in the case of foreign citizens. But it is good to know that all administrative procedures should not exceed 4 weeks. We recommend those interested in marriage in Austria trust our legal services to prepare all the documents ahead of time. We collaborate with the local authorities, respectively the Civil Registry and we know all the formalities for marriage in Austria for foreigners.

Marriage in Austria for US citizens

American citizens who want to get married in Austria with a partner from this country can do so taking into account the required formalities and documents. US residents in Austria can collaborate with one of our local experts to ensure that everything necessary is prepared. Here is what is required in this case:

  • The minimum age for getting married in Austria is 18 years.
  • A passport and birth certificate are required in case of a US citizen.
  • The residence registration form and documentary proof of a previous marriage are also requested.
  • In the case of US citizens over 16 years old who want to get married in Austria, they must present a notarized parental consent.
  • Moreover, the documents must be translated into German and certified. An apostille is required for birth certificates.

Registering the marriage in Austria and other essential aspects

It is recommended that the civil marriage in Austria be registered 6 months before the wedding ceremony. Moreover, the two partners must decide on the surname before the civil marriage in Austria. It is good to set up all the legal aspects related to getting married in Austria so that there are no surprises along the way. Our Austrian lawyers can help you in this regard.

Marriage and divorce statistics in Austria

Here are some statistics about marriages and divorces in Austria:

  • According to Statistik.at, around 47,482 couples married in a civil ceremony, while a total of around 13,997 couples divorced in Austria in 2022.
  • Around 1,598 registered partnerships were established, while approximately 138 were dissolved in 2022, according to the same statistics.
  • Approximately 791 out of the 47,482 civil marriages registered in Austria in 2022 were same-sex marriages. The law has allowed this kind of marriage since 2019.

We emphasize that our experts can help you with immigration to Austria if you want to relocate. In addition to the services offered for marriage registration, you can contact us if you want to obtain residency in Austria or maybe even Austrian citizenship. You can contact our law firm in Austria for specialized legal help for handling the marriage registration procedure or any other legal issues in the country.