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Legal Services in Austria

Legal Services in Austria

Our lawyers in Austria are at your disposal with a series of legal services depending on the problems you encounter or want to solve. In the following lines, you can find out some details about the main services we offer, specifying that you can find us in the big cities of Austria.

Support for company formation in Austria

Our specialists can help you in setting up a business in Austria. They have experience in company formation and can deal with all aspects related to documents, registration with local authorities, obtaining business licenses and permits, immigration to Austria in cases of foreign workers, and more. Accounting services in Austria are also on our list if you want to benefit from a complete package for the incorporation of the desired company in this country.

Special permits or licenses for company activities in Austria

Our Austrian lawyers can offer assistance in obtaining permits and licenses needed to conduct business activities in Austria. This relates to permits from local authorities, licenses to conduct certain financial activities, requirements to hire an Austrian national, etc.

Support in mergers and acquisitions in Austria

With the help of our attorneys in Austria, you can better understand what mergers and acquisitions mean from a legal point of view. Also, our specialists can help you with the purchase of shares in existing Austrian companies as well as other corporate restructuring on the market.

Corporate and commercial litigation

Our lawyers in Austria can represent clients throughout all the stages of litigation in Austria. Specialized legal advice and support are needed to obtain the desired results in corporate litigation cases.

Tax advice and planning

Once the desired business is opened in Austria, our clients can also benefit from other services. For example, our tax lawyers in Austria can explain what tax minimization strategies are available and how they can be successfully implemented. If you want consulting and specialized services on tax issues, do not hesitate to contact us.

Liquidation and dissolution of companies

Our Austrian lawyers and accountants provide legal assistance related to the dissolution and liquidation of Austrian companies as well as bankruptcy procedures.

Debt collection in Austria

Financial problems of any kind can appear in the business sector at any time. Many face the impossibility of recovering debts. Starting from this idea, we advise you to contact us and find out what debt collection entails in Austria and what you need to do. Our Austrian lawyers can advise you from a legal point of view and can also take care of all the procedures that concern you.

Support for buying a house in Austria

If you want to buy a property in Austria, you can opt for our legal services. With our help, you can make sure that the desired property has no problems from a legal point of view and that all the documents are in order. Besides this aspect, you should know that our clients are represented in front of the notary when signing the sale-purchase contract of a property in Austria.

Representation with a power of attorney in Austria

We can represent you with a power of attorney in Austria in various situations. For example, if you want to make a property purchase in this country, if you want to open a business, or if you are interested in a bank account and you cannot travel to Austria, you can opt for our legal services. We can represent your interests with power of attorney in Austria at any time.

GDPR legislation in Austria

GDPR legislation is quite complex in this matter and can be a problem for those who do not understand what it entails. But, with the help of our attorneys in Austria, you can successfully implement GDPR rules in the business you own. We know everything about GDPR from a legal point of view and can offer you specialist advice.

Support from our divorce lawyer in Austria

Are you thinking of getting a divorce in Austria and don’t know the law in your case? It’s time to meet our team of family law attorneys and benefit from legal advice. The spouses involved in the divorce can be represented by a separate lawyer. The rights will be explained in the case of a divorce by mutual consent, but also in case the two spouses do not reach an agreement regarding the dissolution of the marriage, the custody of the children, the division of assets, etc.

Legal advice for creating a will

It is very common in Austria to make a will during life. Those interested can thus protect their wealth and share it, as they please, in case of death. With the help of our Austrian lawyers, you can draw up the desired will and you can even understand the legislation regarding the division of assets in the family, according to the degree of kinship and other similar aspects. We are here to explain everything about wills approved in Austria.

Immigration-related matters

Interested in immigration to Austria? Do you want to obtain residency in Austria? It is more than recommended to consider the services of specialists in the field, such as our immigration lawyers in Austria. They know the legislation in detail and each case is treated with great professionalism and efficiency. Also, those who already have residence and can qualify for citizenship in Austria can opt for our legal services.

We invite you to contact our law firm in Austria and discover more about the legal services and personalized offers we provide to our customers.