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Legal Services in Salzburg

Legal Services in Salzburg

Salzburg is known for being the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and today, as the fourth largest city in the country, it is also a tourism and business center. 

Salzburg can be a suitable location to base the European headquarters of an international company. The city has a high quality of life, it offers a favorable geographical location and it is well-connected with the rest of the country.

Our team of lawyers in Austria is able to provide you with legal services in Salzburg if you want to open a company here, purchase property or need to handle other business matters in the region.

Investing in Salzburg

Salzburg is an attractive location to base a company in Austria because of its well-performing economy, highly-qualified employees and good quality of life. Banks, insurance companies, financial services companies and many other business services companies have established their regional headquarters in Salzburg. 

The city’s rich heritage and beautiful geography make it popular for sightseeing, with tourism being one of the two most developed industries, along with business services.

Investors who want to open a company in Salzburg can choose between several types of companies. Our lawyers in Salzburg can help you during the company registration process, including with the drafting of the company documents and the necessary submissions for registration.

Our law firm in Austria offers complete company incorporation services, for all types of companies and for local and foreign investors alike. Foreign entrepreneurs can discuss the most suitable investment option with one of our attorneys before choosing to set up a branch or a subsidiary.

Legal services for investors in Salzburg 

Our legal services in Salzburg are tailored to the needs of investors and individuals looking to find suitable legal solutions. We offer complete services for companies in Salzburg and the surrounding area, form incorporation, to drafting and signing contracts and corporate litigation. Our lawyers can also help you should you decide to liquidate a company in Austria.

Companies in Salzburg can request our specialized tax planning and debt collection services. If you are a first-time investor in the country our tax law experts will help you understand the corporate laws and tax laws as well as the intellectual property regulations. 

You can contact our lawyers in Austria if you need specialized legal services in Salzburg and in a number of other Austrian cities.