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Business Consulting in Austria

Business Consulting in Austria

Business consulting in Austria is useful to all companies looking to increase their efficiency and improve their performance. The decision to hire a consultant may come after a less successful period for the business or it may be needed when the company founders decide to revive and rethink the business altogether. 

The services provided by a business consultant in Austria can be separated into distinct steps that start with a discovery phase and end with a follow-up phase. 

Our team of lawyers in Austria provides specialized legal consultancy services for all business owners in need of a better understanding of the Austrian laws and for those looking for complete legal advisory services in all matters related to business management and control.

Management consulting in Austria

Management consulting in Austria can be taken into consideration for any one of the following reasons:

  • managerial problem identification;
  • handling staff issues, including dismissals and employment;
  • employee training;
  • changing the business plan and strategy;
  • company reorganization;
  • corporate mergers and acquisitions;
  • opening a new business.

Business consulting services may be offered in a complete package or separately, as needed. The first step towards offering business aid will always require an in-depth analysis of the current business performance, an understanding of business goals and the changes that need to be implemented. Meetings with the Board may be needed and even talks with the current employees in Austria.

Legal counseling may be required during any of the steps listed above and one of our attorneys in Austria can provide adequate legal advice for all matters concerning company management and the associated laws such as the Employment Law.

We mention that the authorities can make some checks for those who want to obtain a residence permit in Austria. Our lawyers know the legislation on immigration issues and can offer you support in this endeavor, starting with the preparation of the requested documents. A residence permit can be issued for a maximum of 3 months, depending on the procedures and if there are other formalities to be observed. Contact us today to benefit from our legal support.

Consulting services in Austria

The team of experts at our law firm in Austria can help you with complete business consulting services, including business strategy reevaluation and implementation, mergers and acquisitions, tax minimization, employment issues, corporate organization, and management, all tailored to the needs of your organization and for the purpose of creating a sustainable transformation. 

Contact our lawyers in Austria for complete information on the services we provide to companies.