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Company Due Diligence in Austria

Company Due Diligence in Austria

Company due diligence is used in Austria in the case of corporate mergers and acquisitions. It is a verification made by the acquiring company with respect to the financial situation of the other legal entity. The due diligence can be carried out simply by looking up the available public information about that company or with the help of a lawyer in Austria who can give you more in-depth information.

The team of experts at our law firm in Austria can help you if you are interested in knowing more about an Austrian company.

Information about Austrian companies

Companies in Austria are required to disclose a set of information to the public. This data is recorded and kept with the Company Register and included the basic corporate documents, the annual accounts, and the auditor reports. Some of these documents can be accessed at the district courts of first instance. One of our attorneys in Austria can help you in these cases related to commercial matters.

The public registry will also include information on the assets owned by the company, the real estate properties, patents and trademarks registered in the country.

This information is more easily accessible for private limited liability companies. In case of stock corporations, the information on shareholdings is generally disclosed only during litigation

The public domain information available about a company in Austria provides for a minimum image of that company’s financial situation. Investors who need more in-depth details about a certain corporation can talk to one of our lawyers in Austria.

The due diligence review

The due diligence review performed by an expert will include an extensive analysis of the public information available for that company but also detailed about its legal situation, apart from its financial review. 

Company due diligence in Austria can be performed by our team of lawyers in Austria for those investors who need a specialized report before purchasing a company or before entering into a company merger agreement.

You can contact our law firm in Austria for detailed information about our services for investors.