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Citizenship by Investment in Austria

Citizenship by Investment in Austria

Citizenship by Investment in Austria can be obtained with the help of significant investments in this country. This implies either opening a business, investing in real estate, or both options. Before starting the procedures, we recommend that you contact one of our immigration lawyers in Austria in order to understand the formalities. In the following lines, you can discover information about Austrian citizenship and the Austrian residence permit, as well as how you can apply.

What is Economic Citizenship by Investment in Austria?

Austria is among the few countries that offer economic citizenship by investment. This program presupposes the obtaining of this status by qualified persons who can provide real benefits in the economic, scientific, cultural, economic, or artistic sectors. Here are other interesting aspects of this citizenship program:

  1. It is also informally referred to as the second citizenship program.
  2. There are no specific requirements to access this type of program.
  3. In this way, you can also obtain an Austrian passport that allows travel in Schengen member countries, which is a major benefit for foreign entrepreneurs.
  4. Personal assets can be protected from a tax point of view, there are tax planning alternatives in this sense.

We recommend those interested in Economic Citizenship by Investment in Austria contact our immigration lawyers in Austria and benefit from specialized legal advice. On the other hand, if you want to immigrate to Austria, we are here to guide you and explain the formalities of this relocation process.

What are the conditions for obtaining Austrian citizenship by investment?

If you are interested in the Austrian golden visa and the benefits of this program, we recommend the legal services of our law office in Austria. Below are some of the formalities that must be respected to apply for Austrian citizenship by investment program:

  • A significant investment in the country’s economy is needed. EUR 10 million in a business or EUR 3 million as a development fund to the government are two options available to those interested in this status.
  • Candidates must prove the source of the respective investments and must not have been involved in financial crimes. A clear criminal record will also be requested by the authorities.
  • The authorities are also the ones who will make certain checks, to ensure that the applicants for citizenship by investment in Austria do not represent a security risk to this country.
  • It can be applied together with family members.
  • It will be necessary to pass the language exam, in addition to the culture and history of Austria.
  • The application for the Austrian golden visa is verified by the Austrian government.
  • It is important to mention that the time frame for this kind of application is 24-36 months.

So, these are some of the formalities and rules for entering the Austrian citizenship by investment program. Being important investments, the authorities and the government allocate quite a lot of time to analyze each application for Austrian golden visa.

Below are some interesting statistical data about immigration to Austria:

  • The data for the beginning of 2023 show that 2.209 is the current net migration rate per 1.000 population in Austria.
  • In 2022, around 3.2 per 1.000 was the net migration rate in Austria.

We invite you to contact our attorneys in Austria if you want more information about the Austrian golden visa. We are here to help you relocate to Austria in a simple and fast manner.