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Obtain Red-White-Red Card in Austria

Obtain Red-White-Red Card in Austria

Citizens of countries that are not part of the EU/EEA or are not Swiss are required to apply for a residence permit if they want to work in Austria in certain fields, and therefore live here for more than 6 months. Austrian Red-White-Red Card is the type of residence permit that can also be obtained by the applicant’s family members. Our lawyers in Austria can tell you what the formalities are in order to obtain this document and can help you immigrate to Austria.

Who can get Austrian Red-White-Red Card?

Startup founders, skilled workers, Austrian graduates, and very highly qualified workers are suitable candidates for Austrian Red-White-Red Card, according to Immigration Law in Austria. Moreover, people with experience in key fields and who have accepted jobs in Austria are also eligible for this type of permit. More about how to relocate to Austria can be discussed with us. We can also help you with legal advice and counseling if you want to immigrate to Austria

Conditions for obtaining Austrian Red-White-Red Card

There are several conditions that applicants for Austrian Red-White-Red Card must meet. Among them, we mention the following:

  1. Proof of a regular salary must be provided to cover monthly expenses, including for the family, without receiving social assistance.
  2. You need health insurance, and here the easiest thing to do is to register in the public social insurance system in Austria.
  3. The authorities have the right to check the criminal record. If details of past offenses are present, then they may refuse you to apply for the Austrian Red-White-Red Card.
  4. You must prove that you have a home in Austria in order to apply for a residence permit.

Therefore, foreigners from non-EU/EEA countries must meet a number of conditions in order to obtain the Austrian Red-White-Red Card. Do not hesitate to talk to our team of lawyers with experience in immigration in Austria. They can help you move to Austria by handling the formalities.

Types of Austrian Red-White-Red Card

There are several types of Austrian Red-White-Red Card that we present to you here:

  • Austrian Red-White-Red Card for very highly qualified workers – those in senior management positions with professional experience can obtain this permit.
  • Austrian Red-White-Red Card for skilled workers in shortage occupations – jobs in deficient fields such as education and training can be accessed by non-EU / EEA citizens in this country.
  • Austrian Red-White-Red Card for graduates – dedicated to foreigners who have graduated from this country.
  • Austrian Red-White-Red Card for other key workers – skilled workers who are not in other categories and who accept a job in different fields.

Foreign investors from non-EU/EEA countries must also comply with the rules for obtaining a residence permit in Austria. For example, self-employed key workers who present a business plan that will have a positive effect on the Austrian economy and who transfer an investment capital of at least EUR 100,000 are accepted.

As for foreigners who want to set up a startup in Austria in the field of innovation, they must invest a minimum of EUR 50,000 in order to obtain the Austrian Red-White-Red Card. More about how to immigrate to Austria as a businessman can be discussed with our experts.

Family reunification in Austria

Immigration Law in Austria allows the issuance of Austrian Red-White-Red Card Plus for family members of a foreign citizen already established in this country, and here civil partners also come into question. In addition, they can access jobs available on the labor market, proving experience and knowledge. As for EU family members of foreign residents in Austria, they can apply for a “residence card” and accept any type of job offered in this country.

We invite you to discuss more about Austrian Red-White-Red Card with our lawyers. They can provide support if you want to relocate to Austria.

Do you want to get a residency in Austria? Our lawyers can explain to you what the formalities are and what you need to prepare in terms of documents. Among them, it is necessary to have medical health insurance, as well as proof of new domicile and income. We can take care of the paperwork and communicate with the relevant authorities in this endeavor, so do not hesitate to contact us.

Austria, a solid investment destination

Austria is one of the strongest economies in Europe and the country that offers multiple opportunities in the business climate. There are many foreign investors who already enjoy the incentives offered and the advantageous taxation system. Here is some other interesting information about the Austrian economy:

  1. About 31% of total foreign investment in Austria comes from Germany, the country’s largest business partner.
  2. The World Bank ranked Austria 27th out of 190 world economies, according to the 2020 Doing Business report, in terms of optimal conditions and business climate.
  3. Russia, Switzerland, the USA, the UK, and Japan are among the most important foreign investors in Austria.

Interested in Austrian Red-White-Red Card? We invite you to contact our law firm in Austria and find out all the formalities. Our specialists can help you with visa and residence permits for Austria and the formalities of how to move to Austria.