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Verification of an Austrian Company

Verification of an Austrian Company

All companies in Austria are required to register with the local Commercial Register and, upon registration, provide a set of company data which will be made publicly available.

The verification of an Austrian company may be needed in several situations, for example before a company takeover or a merger between two corporations. Our team of lawyers in Austria can help you with complete services should you need to obtain important information about existing Austrian companies.

Information about companies in Austria

Austrian businesses are all registered with the Firmenbuch, or the principal register. This is the database that contains information about all types of legal entities and it can be accessed for a fee.

The register is publicly available to all interested parties. Enquiries are subject to a fee and in some cases,  individuals may also obtain information that has been deleted, whenever this is still available in an electronic format. The commercial register database may be accessed through the existing clearing houses, companies in Austria that operate under a contract with the Ministry of Justice. 

The information contained in the registry is reliable as companies in Austria are required to record any changes in their structure, management and in other cases. One of our attorneys in Austria can help you submit an inquiry about a company. The data can be accesses when the applicant is aware of the commercial register number of the company.

We offer specialized legal help to resettled foreigners who want to obtain citizenship in Austria. We can take care of the involved formalities and procedures related to obtaining this important status. In this case, we mention that the application and the final answer can last around a maximum of 36 months, depending on the complexity. Call our lawyers to learn more about our legal assistance in this matter.

Cases in which company verification is recommended

The degree to which a company verification is performed in Austria will depend on the particular interests of the one submitting the inquiry. A general verification will include an extract from the registry, with basic information about that legal entity, including the last filed accounts and information about the beneficial owners of the company, as they appear in the Articles of Association.

A legal due diligence and a financial verification are additional, in-depth checkups, performed when an individual is interested in a complete company due diligence. The team of experts at our law firm in Austria is able to help you with the specialized company verification steps in case of a company merger or acquisition. 

You can contact our law firm in Austria for complete details about our legal services and how our team can be of assistance for company verification purposes.