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Immigrate to Austria from Australia

Immigrate to Austria from Australia

Australian citizens do not need a visa for Austria if they want to stay in this country for about 3 months. But this benefit does not help Australians find a job in this country. Information on how to move to Austria from Australia can be provided by our experienced immigration lawyers in Austria. We are here to provide you with all the support you need to be able to immigrate to Austria from Australia. Also, if you would like to open a business in Austria as an Australian citizen, get in touch with us right away.

General conditions for moving to Austria from Australia

If citizens of European Union countries do not need a visa to emigrate to Austria, things will change for non-EU citizens, as is the case in Australia. If a visa is not required for the first 3 months, an extended stay in Austria requires attention and a few formalities to follow, as the ones we mention here:

  1. Visa and residence permit are required to be able to reside legally in this country, to study, and to accept a job.
  2. Australian citizens who want to immigrate to Austria may need a restricted work permit, in which case they will work for a specific company in a particular city.
  3. Traditional work permits provide freedom of movement for jobs in Austria. Applicants are no longer restricted and can work in any company and anywhere.
  4. A passport valid for at least 6 months, health insurance, and a clean criminal record are among the formalities to be followed for moving to Austria from Australia.

Therefore, if you want to relocate to Austria from Australia, you must take into account the formalities imposed by the authorities and respect the immigration rules. Our immigration lawyers in Austria are at your disposal with specialized help and legal advice to be able to obtain the desired documents in a fast time. More about moving to Austria from Australia can be discussed with our qualified Austrian lawyers.

Details about residence permit for Austria

Austrian permanent residence is an important document for those who want to relocate to Austria from Australia. In the case of those who want to work in Austria, they must obtain an EU Blue Card, if they are skilled persons and have already accepted a job. Red-White-Red Card combines residence and work permit, is a two-year permit, and allows applicants to work legally in this country.

Family reunification requires a residence permit in Austria, and applicants must provide proof of income, health insurance, accommodation, and a clean criminal record. Find out from our lawyers in Austria what are the necessary formalities to be able to obtain a residence permit in Austria, without difficulties and without fear of being rejected by the authorities. More about how to move to Austria from Australia can be found at our specialists. We can oversee the process of immigration to Austria.

We assist foreign citizens in obtaining residency in Austria, whether by birth, marriage, naturalization, or investments. Normally, the whole process cannot last more than 36 months, during which the documents and the application are checked. We remind you that you need health insurance, a birth certificate, a clear criminal record, and information about your medical history, among others. We invite you to collaborate with our lawyers to prepare the necessary documents and communicate with the relevant authorities.

When to get a green card in Austria

Qualifying for a green card in Austria means that the citizens have already lived in this country for 5 years. Those interested in moving to Austria from Australia must ensure that they comply with the formalities required in this case, and that include German language skills, health insurance, a stable income, proof of a domicile in Austria, and a clean criminal record. Please note that the Austrian authorities have the right to carry out full checks on citizens who want to move to Austria from Australia. Those who present a criminal record are categorically placed on the list of those rejected.

Why move to Austria from Australia

In terms of quality of life, Austria ranks second in Europe, and Vienna is the favorite city for a better life. Economic stability, cultural richness, welcoming communities, access to potential jobs, diversity and low crime rates are some of the considerations behind the relocation to Austria.

As for foreign investors who want to start a business in Austria, they can enjoy a stable and highly appreciated business climate worldwide. The fact that the business can grow quickly and safely does nothing but give confidence to those who want to expand their portfolio in an economically secure country. We now review some statistics that highlight the economic direction of Austria and beyond:

  • According to the 2020 Doing Business report, Austria ranked 27th out of 190 economies in the world in terms of business conditions offered by this country.
  • More than half of foreign investment in Austria comes from countries such as Germany, the United States, and Russia.
  • In 2020, Austria accounted for over 50% of foreign investment in professional, scientific, and technical service activities, a highly valued sector.

Interested in moving to Austria from Australia? We invite you to discover all the legal aspects of immigration to Austria. You can rely on our professionalism so contact our law firm in Austria.