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Legal Services in Graz

Legal Services in Graz

Our lawyers in Austria provides a wide range of legal services in a number of Austrian cities, including Graz. We specialize in foreign investment legislation but our team can provide comprehensive legal services and advice to all types of clients, private and corporate alike.

Our experienced team works in all areas of law, from business to finance, to real estate and tax law. Foreign investors in Austria, as well as local entrepreneurs, can rely on our services for additional business-related matters such as employment issues or dispute resolution. 

Attorneys in Graz

Graz is the second largest city in Austria, following Vienna and it is a regional economic and cultural center in the southeast of the country. Graz has a longstanding tradition as a university city and it is home to many students and expats. Among the most notable industries, we can mention a string services sector, the industrial and trading sectors and the food production industry.

Foreign investors in Graz will often need the help of a law firm in Austria whose experts are able to offer legal guidance and advice. This is a recommended step both for employees and investors as the laws in Austria include special requirements for foreign investments and the employment of foreign employees. Issues like employment contracts and the taxation principles may be better understood with the help of one of our attorneys in Graz.

Legal services in Austria

Our team of lawyers in Austria is ready to provide you with the needed services to open a business or o conclude business contracts in Graz and in other Austrian cities. We focus on providing our clients with the most suitable solutions and we approach each litigation case with attention to its particularities.

Our lawyers in Graz specialize in corporate tax, mergers and acquisitions, tax laws, foreign investment laws, employment laws and many other issues mainly related to corporate and business matters. Our clients can also request specialized legal aid in other issues like civil law or family law in Austria and matters like relocation or residency. 

We provide legal services in all of the main Austrian cities. We can provide assistance in Graz, Vienna, Salzburg or Innsbruck.

Contact us if you want to know more about the conditions for investment in these cities or if you are interested in opening a branch in Austria in any of these locations.