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Skilled Worker Immigration to Austria

Skilled Worker Immigration to Austria

Non-EU citizens wishing to work in Austria must apply for a highly skilled Austrian visa. Formalities include earning at least 70 points, as required by the Red-White-Red system. Our lawyers in Austria can explain the formalities and deal with documents for those interested in Austrian skilled immigration. In this article, we will review some of these, to know from the beginning what the general eligibility criteria entail.

What are the formalities for the Austrian skilled worker visa?

Red-White-Red Card is the work permit offered in Austria for those interested in Austrian skilled immigration. This permit allows non-EU citizens to accept various jobs in this country. Here are some of the formalities required to apply for a highly skilled Austrian visa:

You should consider the score for highly qualified workers, as follows:

  • 40 for special qualifications and skills.
  • 10 for studies in Austria.
  • 10 for language skills.
  • 20 for previous work experience.
  1. You need a valid passport and a birth certificate.
  2. A contract for a rented apartment in Austria is required.
  3. Health insurance is needed.
  4. Authorities require proof of personal finances.
  5. You also need documents to prove that you are a university or college graduate. Bachelor’s or Master’s degree is required.

These are some of the formalities required to obtain an Austrian skilled worker visa. A minimum of 70 points is required to obtain this type of visa. We mention that 40 points can be earned from the start by those who demonstrate post-doctoral qualification or Ph.D. We invite you to talk to one of our attorneys in Austria and find out all the legal aspects of Austrian skilled immigration.

Individual criteria documentation

Foreign nationals wishing to obtain a highly skilled Austrian visa may also consider other criteria for obtaining a maximum of points. For example, those who have held senior management positions can prove it with the help of a document from a former employer. In the case of those who work in research and innovation, they can offer proof of scientific work and publications, patent applications, and certificates issued by specific universities.

The IELTS or TELC diploma will weigh quite a bit when you apply for the Austrian skilled worker visa. These documents are internationally certified and can bring the maximum score for your application.

We recommend that you contact our immigration specialists if you are interested in residency in Austria. The formalities and procedures involved in the process can be explained to you by our lawyers, who can also supervise the entire process. It is advisable to call on legal services instead of acting on your own to avoid possible restrictions from the authorities. I mentioned that a clear criminal record and information about the medical history will also be needed.

What is the validity of a Red-White-Red Card?

Red-White-Red Card is a work permit with a validity of 2 years. As soon as the formalities are verified and if all the documents are in order, the work permit is issued. And in order to guarantee that you will not be hit by rejections or lack of documents, we invite you to work with our law firm in Austria. Our experts can tell you more about Austrian skilled immigration.

The labor market in Austria

Austria is one of the countries with the best and most appreciated working and living conditions and highly skilled Austrian visa is easy to get. Foreign investors can rely on a young, attractive, multilingual, and experienced workforce. Below is some information and statistical data in this direction:

  • Data from 2021 show that there were around 4.31 million workers in Austria.
  • There were about 482,000 self-employed people in Austria in 2019.
  • Also in the same year, more than 20,000 employees between the ages of 55 and 59 entered the Austrian labor market.

Therefore, those interested in Austrian skilled immigration can contact our law firm in Austria and discover our legal services.