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Signing Contracts with an Austrian Company

Signing Contracts with an Austrian Company

When signing contracts with an Austrian company, the individual who wishes to become an employee or the legal entity who enters into a business agreement must follow the general rules for drawing up contracts.

Our team of lawyers in Austria can help you with detailed information about the Contract Law and can help you draw up any type of contract.

Contractual freedom in Austria

The Private Law in Austria offers the first and foremost characteristic of contractual relationships. Freedom of contract applies to any and all agreement between parties, either natural or legal. This means that the signatory parties may decide the form of the contract and its content, as long as it observes the applicable laws. A contract that infringes individual rights or good morale is considered void.

The Contract Law also sets forth the manner in which parties may be held liable for breaching certain contractual agreements. For example, the breaching party can be held liable to compensate the damage brought by the said breach.

Our lawyers in Austria can offer you more details on liability, according to the particularities of your case and the type of contract you have signed.

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Drawing up and signing contracts in Austria

When drawing up and signing a contract in Austria it is important to know that contracts are valid and binding if they satisfy a series of criteria. These are:

contractual capacity: both parties must be able to sign the contract; this applies to natural persons and it concerns age and mental capacity;

– consensus and intention: both parties must accept and consent to the terms of the agreement;

– the content of the contract: it must be acceptable.

One of our attorneys in Austria can help evaluate the contract before you enter into a specific business or collaboration relationship. This due diligence process is recommended in order to ensure that the basic terms of contractual freedom and good faith have been observed.

Contact our law firm in Austria for more information on various laws and how to do business in the country. Our team of lawyers can help you with a wide range of legal services, suited to corporations and individuals alike.