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Employee / Personnel Relocation to Austria

Employee / Personnel Relocation to Austria

Companies interested in personnel relocation to Austria must consider the necessary visa for entering this country. One of our lawyers in Austria can guide you in this process, as well as in obtaining a residence permit. We advise you to contact us if you want legal support for employee relocation to Austria. Also, if you want to immigrate to Austria, our specialists are at your disposal with support and complete information.

Visas and work permits for skilled workers in Austria

If citizens from the European Union do not require a visa to enter Austria, in the case of those from non-EU/EEA countries, this is mandatory. In this sense, it will apply to the Red-White-Red Card, and the following information is important:

  • The Red-White-Red Card is necessary for highly qualified workers, skilled workers, and other key workers, which may involve employee relocation to Austria from varied companies and countries.
  • One must complete and submit the application form and pay a fee of around USD 120.
  • This type of permit guarantees work in Austria, as well as a residence permit in this country for 2 years.

We propose the legal services offered by our immigration lawyers in Austria benefit from support on relocation. We can tell you more about how to immigrate to Austria.

Relocation of the company to Austria

If you want to relocate the company to Austria and you are also interested in personnel relocation to Austria, you must consider the formalities involved. The process begins with the deregistration of the firm in the country of origin, after which the establishment process in Austria will be initiated. There are various structures to choose from for your activities in Austria.

If this relocation is done with employees, you must consider the visa and residence permit formalities. Visas are required for employees coming from non-EU countries, and the residence permit is mandatory for both those from the EU and those from non-EU countries, depending on the period of stay. So, if you want to move to Austria with your company and employee, we recommend the legal services offered by our Austrian lawyers with experience in immigration matters.

Is Au pair subject to personnel relocation to Austria?

If you come from an EU or non-EU country and want to relocate to Austria with all the household staff, then you can say that you are an Au pair. Practically, this means that people who accept host family jobs can relocate with you. However, this is subject to a special employment regime, respectively residence permit, for which the host family can take care of.

Thus, the formalities of obtaining the visa, if necessary, as well as the residence permit to be able to move to Austria, respecting the legislation of this country, will be respected. We advise you to contact one of our lawyers to learn more about employee relocation in Austria as an Au pair. We are here to help you immigrate to Austria.

Here are some statistical data about immigration to Austria:

  • According to the most recent data, respectively for the beginning of 2023, around 2.209 is the current net migration rate per 1.000 population.
  • In 2022, the net migration rate was approximately 3.237 per 1.000 population, and respectively 4.266 in 2021.

Our lawyers can also help you obtain citizenship in Austria and also the Austrian residence permit for personnel relocation. Therefore, we invite you to contact our immigration lawyers in Austria if you want to know more about employee relocation to Austria.