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EORI Registration in Austria

EORI Registration in Austria

There are several offices in various locations in Austria where economic operators can register to obtain an EORI number in 2024. Our team of lawyers in Austria can help you register with a customs office in the country. Plus, you can also ask for details about immigration to Austria if you are interested.

EORI registration process in Austria in 2024

The company in Austria that needs an EORI number to engage in EU trade and economic activities must fill out an EORI application form with the customs office. Upon application, the EORI registration notification is sent electronically and/or in print. Here are more details:

  • The data needed for registration are included in the application form.
  • The application can be submitted for legal persons, including the available types of companies in Austria.
  • The applicant may be required to provide proof of residence during the application procedure.

Our lawyers in Austria can give you further details of the date required for registration and the duties and responsibilities of companies in Austria. We can explain the formalities for 2024 EORI registration in Austria. You can also solicit legal counseling from our immigration lawyers in Austria.

Sellers and resellers, carriers, companies, and private individuals must obtain the Austrian EORI number for the transport of goods across the borders of the European Union. Such code is required for at least 9 customs declarations submitted per year.

Recent EU regulations refer to all EORI registrations in Austria that should also include a valid postal code. Providing this information is important and helps for better supervision of the export transits throughout European Union countries, based on the automated export system or the AES.

EORI use in Austria

The EORI number is used to easily identify economic operators that perform business activities throughout the EU. This streamlines the customs processes and allows for an easy exchange of information.

All companies that engage in activities related to customs, such as importers or exporters in Austria, have to be registered with the Austrian customs in order to obtain an EORI number. This will not apply to foreign companies in Austria that are already registered in another EU country and have an EORI number.

The Austrian EORI number contains the AT country code, followed by 15 digits. As such, economic operators registered in Austria must apply for this EORI code, alongside the ones outside the EU if they deal with import and export activities. There is also the obligation for One Stop Shop registration, alongside EORI.

The Federal Ministry of Finance in Austria is in charge of the EORI applications. One should note that the required documents must be translated into English or German. Here, our local lawyers can provide legal support for obtaining the EORI number in a fast manner.

New EORI requirements for Austrian companies

All Austrian economic operators with business activities subject to EU customs legislation and registered with the EORI system should implement the new legislation modifications by February 2024, and that refers to the registration of the postal code. This rule is also valid for individuals developing trade, logistics, and transportation operations.

With the support of our Austrian lawyers, you can rapidly implement the new legislation modifications linked to the EORI system. As such, we can help business owners in Austria to make the required changes referring to the declaration of a postal code linked to their companies. 

The experts at our law firm in Austria can give you more details on the EORI registration process and the customs duties and laws applicable in the country. Moreover, if interested in immigration to Austria and related aspects concerning business relocation, do not hesitate to discuss with our immigration lawyers in Austria.

Contact us for more information on EORI registration in 2024 and other legal assistance.