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Start a Franchise Business in Austria

Start a Franchise Business in Austria

Investors who start a franchise business in Austria have the benefit of running their own business in the country, under the umbrella of a large and international corporation with a tested and successful business model.

There are numerous opportunities for franchising in the country and one of our lawyers in Austria can give you detailed information about the contract between the buyer and the seller of the rights and the trademarks.

Franchising in Austria

Franchising is a business model that involves two parties: the franchisor – a company that wants to expand and, for this purpose, is willing to sell the usage rights for its business model and trademarks – and the franchisee, the individual or company buying these rights.

The most important advantage of starting a franchise business in Austria is having a tested business model that has already been used in other European countries or in other countries around the world. Franchising becomes an option for those large companies that have already become well-known in their respective business field.

One of our lawyers in Austria can give you complete information on direct franchising.

We help foreign citizens, from a legal point of view, to obtain citizenship in Austria, taking care of the preparation of the documents required by the authorities. In this approach, you will need proof of permanent residence in Austria, as well as a monthly income, knowledge of the German language, and a clear criminal record. You can find out about this process of obtaining citizenship from one of our specialists if you contact us by phone or online.

Buying a franchise in Austria

Investors who want to buy a franchise and open an Austrian subdivision of that international corporation start by buying the right to franchise. This means that they will buy the trademarks, business model and needed training support from the franchisor. While they will be the ones responsible for running the business in Austria, a percentage of the profit will belong to the franchisor.

The details of the relationship between the franchisee and the franchisor are included in the franchise agreement which, depending on the franchisor, will have a standard form, with rights, obligations and country particularities, as needed. The franchisee may buy the rights to open one or more franchises in the country.

One of our attorneys in Austria can help you with legal counseling, franchise agreement reviews and any needed information about how to open a company in the country.

Contact our law firm in Austria for more details on franchising and other business options.