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Open an Amazon Store in Austria

Open an Amazon Store in Austria

Amazon has a strong presence in the European market. Its headquarters are based in Luxembourg and the e-commerce giant has opened a number of Fulfillment centers in various EU countries. Austrian customers can use the Amazon.de website for a convenient shopping experience in German. 

Investors who open an Amazon store in Austria have access to a global community, with millions of potential clients only in Europe.

Our lawyers in Austria describe the process of setting up an e-commerce business and becoming an Amazon affiliate.

Amazon on the Austrian market

Amazon, the leading e-commerce giant, has its largest marketplace in the United States, followed by Germany. The latter also includes countries like Austria, which have an important contribution to the total market sales in a particular area.

One particular advantage of opening an Amazon store in Austria is that vendors have direct access to their Austrian clients. The products offered may be manufactured by local producers or by other European or international producers. Whatever the case, a clear advantage is a potential of accessing a unified market in Europe. 

Sellers on the Austrian market can open a store in order to better control the logistics related to the manufacturing and shipment of their products. The setup costs will include those related to opening and managing a company, and one of our lawyers in Austria can give you more details on the costs and setup process in general.

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Opening an online store in Austria

An important aspect to consider for entrepreneurs who wish to open an Amazon store or another online shop in the country is to provide adequate payment methods. Amazon accepts payments via credit and debit cards, payments via Amazon Pay or PayPal and gift cards. In some cases, cash on delivery is accepted.

One of our attorneys in Austria can give you details about opening a merchant account for a company in the country that needs a solution for accepting credit/debit card payments.

Contact the experts at our law firm in Austria for detailed information on how to set up a business.