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Land Registry in Austria

Land Registry in Austria

Foreigners can buy land in Austria, as long as such properties are not state-owned. There are several formalities that should be considered at the time the purchasing process begins, considering the local legislation.

Our lawyers in Austria can answer your questions about obtaining a land registry extract, registration with the local authorities and the conclusion of sale/purchase agreements for a property. On the other hand immigration to Austria is a process that can be entirely managed by our local specialists. Therefore, you can also collaborate with our immigration lawyers in Austria.

Searching the Austrian land registry

Individuals can obtain information about the cadastre such as the number, site, area or coverage, boundaries of a certain parcel of land. This information is available with the Cadastral Office while information about the legal ownership of the land, such as its owners, mortgages, rights, etc. is available with the Land Register. Cadastre and land registry information can be accessed online in Austria.

An extract from the real estate database will contain both cadastre data and land registry data. Only a licensed surveyor may perform the evaluation of a parcel of land. 

The Austrian Land Registry receives the applications to register or transfer a property and these can be submitted electronically.  A fee is payable upon application. 

One should note that obtaining the residence permit in Austria implies a series of procedures and formalities that can be handled by our experts in the field. You may discuss all the legal aspects with one of our immigration lawyers in Austria.

Registration with the Austrian Land Registry

When a property/land is transferred or purchased, it is registered in the Land Register. The following data needs to be provided when submitting the application for registration: the exact details of the land/property, the applicant’s personal identification details and data about his domicile.

Buying or selling land can be accomplished with the help of a lawyer in Austria. If the owner wishes to do so, he can conclude a special power of attorney, granting his rights for any needed tasks and actions with the Land Registry, the buyers/sellers, and other authorities. 

Immigration to Austria enters the attention of our specialists who can deal with the formalities imposed in this regard. For example, if you want to live in this country for more than 3 months, you need to apply for a residence permit, whether you come from EU or non-EU member countries. Our lawyers can prepare the necessary documents for you to benefit from a process without complexity.

Guide for buying land in Austria

In order to be able to buy land in Austria, you need to take into account some tips in this regard. The following guide can be useful in this endeavor:

  • lawyer in Austria can represent you in the process of buying land in Austria. He/she knows the legislation and can take care of the necessary documents, as well as escrow arrangements. You might want to buy land in Austria with our lregal support.
  • It is necessary to obtain the land register extract before buying the respective land. Thus, it is possible to check the ownership status and various legal situations such as encumbrances, if they exist.
  • Next, we provide support for obtaining an authorization requirement, a valid condition for citizens of third countries. In the case of agricultural lands, the authorization comes from the property transfer authority in the respective region.
  • Before drawing up the sale-purchase agreement for buying land in Austria, registration with the Austrian Land Register is done, providing proof of payment of the related taxes. The property income tax is one of them.
  • A written agreement for the purchase of land in Austria can be drawn up with the help of our lawyers in Austria. This document must contain information about the owner and buyer, as well as about the history of the respective land.
  • The documents are signed in front of the public notary, between the buyer and seller, or their legal representatives. Thus, a power of attorney can be requested if one or both parties cannot be present at the time of signing the respective act. We can help you buy land in Austria.

We, therefore, recommend that you talk to one of our Austrian lawyers to learn more about how to buy land in Austria. Also, if you want to find out information about immigration to Austria, our specialists are at your disposal.

What does the land classification plan mean in Austria?

It is good to know when you want to buy land in Austria that the classification and development plan contains information about the main possible uses of a property in the selected municipality in Austria. Thus, you must take into account the fact that there are restrictions on the use of holiday houses in various regional planning laws at a federal-state level and the land category procedures of  the municipalities, based on specific laws. Therefore, in order to be able to buy land in Austria, you must also consider the restrictions in this case, as in the example above.

Some average prices for land in Austria

Depending on the budget you have available, you can buy various plots of land in Austrian cities. The following prices are approximate so that you can get an idea of the purchase you want to make in this country:

  • In Seefeld, for example, a plot in a residential area of approximately 897 square meters can cost around EUR 897,000.
  • In Styria, Leibniz, a plot of 1,871 square meters is worth around EUR 99,000.
  • In Salzburg, you can purchase a plot of land of over 4,270 square meters for about EUR 2,375,000.
  • In the countryside of Innsbruck, you can opt for a plot of 1,000 square meters for the amount of approximately EUR 995,000.
  • A building plot of over 1,000 square meters in Baden bei Wien is for sale for around EUR 1,490,000.

We recommend those interested in citizenship in Austria contact one of our specialists. You can thus benefit from specialized legal advice and guidance throughout the process, to obtain the desired status.

For more information on purchasing property for locals and non-residents please contact our law firm in Austria.